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Halloween at the Office: It Pays to Dress for Success

Without a doubt, Halloween is one of the most entertaining and carefree holidays; it's all about dress-up, candy, and a few healthy scares. And who doesn't relish slipping into somebody (or something) else's skin and shedding real life for…

8 Free Family Outings

Going to the movies and having popcorn and drinks for a family can quickly add up to, well, almost a week's worth of groceries. Forget the candy! With a little creativity, however, even large familias can enjoy family time on a shoestring.…

Is Now the Best Time to Refinance?

These days, a flood of commercials on TV, Internet, and radio touting how easy it is to refinance your current mortgage and how helpful it will be to have lower payments due to record-low interest rates. Bear in mind refinancing means more…

La La Land: The Perfect Family Vacation

LA is my current hometown and when girlfriends come to visit I have a routine down: Thai massages, Malibu hikes, swanky bars, groovy shops, trendy restaurants. All very fun activities, but not ideal for a family vacation. Read Related: Fun…

Kid Friendly Las Vegas: It Exists!

Las Vegas may be known as “Sin City,” but nowadays it looks more like “Kid City.” In the new, kid friendly Las Vegas, you’re bound to see parents hand-in-hand with their children. Whether they’re walking down Las Vegas Boulevard…

Top 5 Game Apps To Love

I absolutely love games. Board games, that is. But no one seems to be asking for a top 5 board games list. No, they want the best mobile game apps. However, even with the cajoling of girlfriends and family, I’ve been slow to engage in the…

Girls Getaway: South Beach

I was never more popular than when I lived in a tiny studio apartment on Miami Beach. The bed pulled out of the wall, there was permanent construction in the building, and the neighbors were suspicious. But there was a view of the ocean and…

No Kids Allowed: Is the ''The Brat Ban'' Good For Business?

On July 16, McDain’s Restaurant in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, made headlines when the management banned children under 6 from dining at the establishment. Owner of the casual bistro, Mike Vuick, sent an email to his customers, which read:…

The Library: The Best Place to Entertain Your Kid in Summer

If you’re running out of ideas to entertain your children this summer, don’t overlook the city library. Your local branch provides the perfect opportunity to help your child keep up with summer learning—and it’s air-conditioned, a…