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Yes, You May Vacay : 5 Cheap Vacations to Take This Summer

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UPDATED May 18, 2018 You may think there are no cheap vacations to be had during the summer since it's such a busy travel time. According to a recent survey by InsureMyTrip, 82% of respondents were planning a summer trip and 55% are traveling…

5 Insanely Cool Apps that You Can't Believe Exist

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Updated May 14, 2018 These days there are cool apps to fill just about any need you can think of and a few needs you didn't even realize you had. New apps are coming out all the time and we can't get enough of them. In fact, Flurry reports…

25 Quotes on Immigration: Now & Then

UPDATED May 4th, 2018 Mamiverse is thrilled to present 25 insightful quotes on immigration. From world leaders to comedians, from Founding Fathers to journalists, immigration has been an issue for the ages. But perhaps never before—certainly…

Memorable Memorial Day Getaways: Tips to Help You Start Planning NOW

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Updated May 1, 2018 April showers bring May flowers so it's time to start planning your Memorial Day weekend getaways! This year the unofficial start of summer, otherwise known as Memorial Day, falls on May 25. After such a grueling winter,…

15 Things You Can Only Do in the Caribbean

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Updated May 1, 2018 On his second Caribbean voyage in search of a trade route to Asia, Christopher Columbus stumbled upon Jamaica on May 5, 1494. He was looking for the precious metal that gave the island it’s name, Xaymaca or “land of…
Business as Usual: 10 Summer Jobs for Your Kid-MainPhoto

Business as Usual: 10 Summer Jobs for Your Kid

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Updated April 30, 2018 As we approach the end of another school year, it's time to start thinking about summer jobs for the kids. They're an awesome way for teens to contribute to bigger expenses like college or a car and young children can…

Gadget Alert: 15 Reasons Why Everyone Wants (or Has) a GoPro Camera

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UPDATED April 25, 2018 In a digital world where iPhones take 35mm quality photos and we’re compelled to instantly post every image we capture to Instagram or Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or...all of the above, owning an actual camera almost…
10 Really Cool Places to Stay in the USA-SliderPhoto

10 Really Cool Places to Stay in the USA

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Updated April 21st, 2018 Tired of staying in those motels that all look the same and have no character? Then check out some of these unique, wild and cool places to stay. Courtesy of Toyota I had a chance to experience a few and believe me…
Equal Pay for Women

Salesforce Invests $6 Million in Raises to Women to Ensure Both Genders Are Paid Equally

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Until it was brought to his attention, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, did not believe that a pay gap existed between men and women in his company. Now, Salesforce the $10 billion cloud-based CRM company that over 15,000 companies use…