The Latina Mom Vote: Florida Poll Reveals Support for Obama, Jobs & Dream Act

With just a few days before the Florida primary election a new survey conducted by Mamiverse shows that Latina mom voters in the Sunshine State are less than impressed by the GOP candidate pool, with more than two-thirds noting “none of…

Murderous Mothers: Why Moms Kill Their Kids

Murderous mothers, mothers who kill their own children. Impossible? The unconditionally epic miracles of pregnancy and motherhood are so universally regarded with positivity, warmth, bonding and an unwavering sense of maternal protection—that…

Online Latina Moms Study: Tech-Savvy, Culturally Focused & the New Swing Vote

Online Latina Moms view jobs and education—more so than immigration—as the top two most important issues in the upcoming presidential election, are concerned with "what’s wrong with America," but are optimistic about the future and…

Animal House: When Wild Animals Invade

For most of us, the prospect of an encounter with any wild animal is downright terrifying—and significantly more so when said animal decides to make a cameo in our very own backyard. Take, for example, the case of the South Florida family…

Enforcement of Alabama Immigration Law Remains Unclear

After scared undocumented immigrant families pulled thousands of children out of schools in Alabama following the strict immigration enforcement law, a federal appeals court in Atlanta managed to temporarily block two provisions of this law.…
Rosario Dawson Encourages Latino Voter Registration

Rosario Dawson on Getting Out the Latino Vote

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This is a great clip of Rosario Dawson in 2008 speaking at Newsweek's Women & Leadership Conference in about the importance of getting out the Latino vote. What she says about the power of reaching Latinos through texting and social…

Teaching Our Kids By Example

Teaching our children by example is the fastest and most efficient method. On day 47 of the Occupy Wall Street protest, a movement that started in New York City when a group of patriotic Americans took over Zuccotti Park to protest corporate…

Gay Marriage: To Do or Not to Do?

I am reminded each day I park my car that the pressure will never subside. A billboard from a storage company cries out to couples tying the knot: "IF YOU DONT LIKE GAY MARRIAGE, DONT GET GAY MARRIED."It's not the political message that's…