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How to Create an Investment Portfolio Like a Total Boss

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Apparently putting all your eggs in one basket is not what investors with experience do when creating an investment portfolio. Experts agree that these portfolios, or collections of assets, can be less of a risk in in the ever unpredictable…

How Not to Mess Up Your Tax Preparation This Year

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It’s that glorious time of year when the excitement of the holidays is long gone, the thrill of the New Year fades, it’s not quite spring yet, and we all feel the burn of tax preparation season. That’s right, as April 16th (aka the deadline…

8 Tips on How to Raise Credit Score Right Now

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When it comes to your finances and things like how to raise credit score, there are a lot of opportunities to be confused, and quite frankly, overwhelmed. And while it can seem easier to just ignore what you don’t know and assume your money…

Strategizing Gift-Giving Season: Gift Ideas & Tips for Total Success

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Fall is officially in full swing, which means the holidays are quickly approaching and before you know it you’ll be knee deep in gift ideas and giving madness. Take a hint from the changing leaves and changing weather—now would be a really…

Your Bank Account: When is it Ok to Dip into Your Savings?

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If you feel a little bit overwhelmed, and perhaps poorly educated when it comes to your bank account, you’re not alone. Savings accounts, checking accounts, retirement funds, money markets, investment portfolios…there are so many ways…

Money Matters: How to Properly Handle Peer-to-Peer Loans

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In today's economy, instead of looking to banks, more people are seeking alternatives like peer-to-peer loans, crowd-funding or family and friends when they need to borrow money. If you're not a one-percenter — and 99% of you aren't —…

Loot Patrol: 10 Ways to Have Better Money Habits

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If you're trying to achieve better money habits, it all comes down to playing hardball with yourself. First it takes recognizing episodes of emotional spending, years of an unkempt bookkeeping and an unwillingness to save.  If you pinch a…

7 Tax Mistakes to Avoid

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Spring is finally here! That means longer days, nicer weather...and tax time. Here are seven common tax mistakes to avoid this fiscal year that will help you prevent everything from paperwork overload to the dreaded tax audit. BLUNDER #1:…

Tips for Filing Your Tax Return Last Minute

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If you haven’t yet filed your 2015 federal income tax return, you are probably starting to feel the pressure; perhaps you’re even starting to panic a little. After all, the filing deadline of April 15 is only days away. Hopefully, we can…