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20 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors that Blew Our Minds

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June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, so let’s consider the history of this irresistible treat. It was first invented by the Chinese in 3000 B.C. Marco Polo may have introduced it to Italy and, by the 1500s the Italians were enjoying…
20 Classic Baby Names that Defy Trends-MainPhoto

20 Classic Baby Names that Defy Trends

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Baby Day is May 2 and we’re celebrating all the babies we love by chatting about baby names! Every parent wants to pick just the right name for their child, something original but not so unique that it can’t be pronounced by schoolteachers…
Money Matters...But How Much?-MainPhoto

Money Matters...But How Much?

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I'm not rich. And I don't care. Well, sort of. I remember a job I once had. When the supervisor position opened up at the company, I considered applying. The raise would have amounted to about $4000 more a year. I called a friend, who was…
The Worst Advice from Our Abuelas-MainPhoto

The Worst Advice from Our Abuelas

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Abuela can fix and cure all, but when it comes to relationship advice — beware. 1. You won't find a husband if you can't cook. If you can whip up a banging meal, more power to you. But 21st century men are not only looking for chicks that…
NYC Domestic Violence Shelters Accept People AND Pets-MainPhoto

NYC Domestic Violence Shelters Accept People AND Pets

It’s a terrible dilemma. You’re in an abusive relationship that you must escape. But your only option is a domestic violence shelter. And you can’t take your beloved pet, the one that has comforted your children during difficult times,…