Read-Grieving: 10 Books About 9/11 that Have Helped Us Heal

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Most adults know exactly where they were when the attacks on September 11 occurred. It’s been nearly 15 years and our nation is still healing and those memories remain clear. While the September 11 memorials open at the site of the World…

Motherland Reads: 14 Novels Set in Latin America to Take You Back

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We all miss the motherland from time to time. From the food to the music to the air we breathe there, when we’re back ‘home’ something familiar and quintessential just locks into our soul. Lucky for us, there are plenty of novels written…

Paulo Coelho Books: 10 Reasons to Read that Resonate NOW

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Admit it: you're obsessed with all Paulo Coelho books. Best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s latest novel Adultery hits the market August 19 and we positively, absolutely cannot wait! The Paulo Coelho biography includes nabbing the…

The Pharrell Effect: 20 Seminal Books About the Art of Being Happy

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Sure, Pharrell’s pop anthem Happy might get the old happy juices flowing, but at the end of the day are you happy? Not just moderately satisfied, but really happy with your life? It’s a tough question, because happiness is not only hard…

10 Reasons Why Audiobooks Can Change Your Life

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With summer here, it's high time to get our beach reading in order. Since paper and water don’t mix (unless you’re at an origami conference being held in Cabos or something), audiobooks are a great way to bring reading on vacation. Audiobooks…

15 Best Summer Beach Reads to Dive Into Now

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Who doesn’t look forward to the best summer beach reads? To feel the lure of the beach towel and lose ourselves in a quick enough read that takes us away from the stress of kids, chores and work. We’re all a bit different in what we’re…
8 Killer Novels that Take Place at a Circus-SliderPhoto

8 Killer Novels That Take Place at a Circus

There have always been acrobats and clowns, bareback riders and wild animal trainers. It took the genius of the seven Ringling Brothers to put them all under one tent. May 19 marks the first performance of the Ringling Brothers Circus in Baraboo,…
10 Things We Learned from Judy Blume-MainPhoto

10 Things We Learned from Judy Blume

From first periods to first kisses, from divorce to masturbation, from bullying to teen sex, the iconic young adult books of Judy Blume covered so many painful adolescent issues and yet made us laugh at the same time. Her characters were awkward,…
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Improving Children's Literacy Through Folklore

I have a special connection with Haiti, as I've written before on Mamiverse. I also have a soft spot for anyone who supports literacy. That´s why when I heard about a new non-profit organization to help children in Haiti read in English or…