7 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget-

7 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break is here again. The kids are off school for a week, and they’re longing to make it a real vacation. But Disney World or the Grand Canyon just aren’t in your budget this year. Don’t worry. Here we present 7 inexpensive family…
7 Reasons Why Soccer Isn’t Big in the U.S.-SliderPhoto

7 Reasons Why Soccer Isn’t Big in the U.S.

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s huge in Central and South America and Mexico. Men weep over it in Europe, fight over it in the United Kingdom and in Africa, children worship soccer stars. So why hasn’t soccer caught…
Ground Rules for Guy's Night Out-MainPhoto

Ground Rules for Guys’ Night Out

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It’s time for a guys’ night out. You work hard, you provide for your family, now it’s time to relax with the guys and maybe take in a ball game or celebrate a buddy’s last night of bachelorhood. Like every activity, there are rules…
Money Matters...But How Much?-MainPhoto

Money Matters...But How Much?

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I'm not rich. And I don't care. Well, sort of. I remember a job I once had. When the supervisor position opened up at the company, I considered applying. The raise would have amounted to about $4000 more a year. I called a friend, who was…
6 Tips to Get Your Spouse Involved in Family Outings-MainPhoto

6 Tips to Get Your Spouse Involved in Family Outings

On the weekends and during holidays, you would love to go on family outings to the park, the beach, a museum or just riding bikes. This means you, your husband and the kids, engaged in activities together. But every time you plan something,…
Ways that the Winter Olympics is Just Like Life-MainPhoto

10 Ways That Life is Like the Winter Olympics

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Athletes from around the world have come to Sochi, Russia for the XXII Olympic Winter Games,  also known as the winter Olympics, to participate in 98 separate sporting events in 15 disciplines. The Russian Government spent more than $51 billion…
Family Time on a Dime-MainPhoto

Affordable Family Fun

Finding it hard to find affordable family fun? For many financially struggling families, spending quality time together seems more and more difficult, especially as the kids get older. So it’s important not only to do so whenever you can,…
How a Man Feels When His Wife Tells Him She’s Expecting-MainPhoto

How a Man Feels When He Learns His Wife Is Expecting

When a man learns that his wife or partner is expecting, his life changes completely. Recently a student of mine, a 30-year old woman, announced, in shock, in class, that she was pregnant. What she said, and how she said it, almost in agony,…

After 14 Years of Body Weight Workouts, Here Are my Accomplishments

I have been working out 3 to 6 days a week (mainly 6 days since '03) consistently for 14 years performing a wide variety of body weight workouts. Here are my accomplishments. The spreadsheet on which I calculated this underestimates…