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TIME’s Breastfeeding Mom Jamie Lynne Grumet Gets Likeable

Jamie Lynne Grumet, the woman now famous for appearing on the cover of TIME magazine breastfeeding her then-three-year-old son, is once again featured on a magazine cover, and once again, she’s breastfeeding. But instead of looking like…

How A Mother Explains September 11 To Her Young Daughter

The new North Tower is finally high enough to partially restore the skyline I used to see when I stepped outside my home in Greenwich Village. It was a glorious sight before September 11, 2001. Two shiny towers created a reference point…

I Remember You: Not Forgetting the Undocumented Immigrants of 9/11

During the year leading up to what we now solemnly refer to as “9/11”, I was a constant fixture at a downtown Manhattan restaurant that was at the time, the center of my social universe. Given the proximity of the place near my East…

Sisterhood of the Books: A Female Bonding Book Club

This fall marks the 10-year anniversary of a monthly book club that I’ve taken part in with a dozen women in my Texas hometown. We often arrive in outlandish costumes—to reflect book characters—and dine and dish on our latest monthly…
César Chavez´s Legacy-MainPhoto

Cesar Chavez Legacy: The People's Man

Most Americans today don’t think about where their food comes from—except that it better be cheap and convenient to buy. But the brilliance of the farmworker movement launched by Cesar Chavez more than 50 years ago is that he put a human…

Librotraficante Founder Shares Most Memorable Moments Along Caravan Route

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the final piece by author and Librotraficante founder Tony Diaz for Mamiverse, a sponsor of the Librotraficante Caravan. Some day, scholars will major in Librotraficante Studies, analyzing the movement that started…

For Mama: Our Time Is Now; A Librotraficante Post

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Librotraficante Caravan got underway today in Houston, bound for Tucson. The Arizona city has been the focus of media attention due to a ban on Mexican-American studies by the Tuscon Unified School District. This is…

The Reproductive Health Debate: Why We Should Be Mad as Hell!

The reproductive health debate is leaving out important considerations. I am a woman. I am a Black Latina. I also happen to be a single unmarried mom to a beautiful daughter, who is half African American. But apparently, I am a scourge on…

The Making of a Librotraficante: Smuggling Books into Arizona & the American Dream

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Librotraficante Caravan will begin in Houston on March 10th and arrive in Tucson on March 16th. The Arizona city has been the focus of media attention due to a ban on Mexican-American studies by the Tuscon Unified School…