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Holiday Movies and TV Specials for The Whole Family

Are you looking for holiday movies and TV shows for the family? Would it really be Christmas without viewing at least part of the TBS A Christmas Story marathon? Or the imperfectly perfect A Charlie Brown Christmas? For many holiday revelers,…

Season 9, The Finale! The Final Project Runway Recap

It's over! I'm shedding a tear as I write this recap. This is the first season (and I've watched them all religiously) that I didn't have a strong favorite—or least favorite for that matter. Josh is an egomaniac, but a loveable one; Viktor…

The Finale Challenge Project Runway Recap, Episode 12

It's The Finale Challenge! The season has flown by and we're down to the final five designers. Is tonight a double elimination…? Who will make it to Fashion Week? Heidi greets the final five on the runway and announces that they'll be…
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Stealing the Show: Latina Mom Portrayals on TV

Ah fall, the best season of all. The air is turning crisp, the leaves are about to change, pumpkin lattes are back, and TV is good again. This week, three of the season’s biggest shows have made their return—Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy,…

Latina Magazine Quinceanera: 15 Big Name Celebs Attend the Party

This month, Latina magazine celebrates it’s Quinceañera. And there is much to celebrate. The magazine was founded by Christy Haubeggar in 1996, upon her graduation from Stanford Law School. The idea was born in one of her business courses,…

Family Jamming, Andrea Echeverri Style

Simply because our favorite Florecita Rockera is now a mother of two doesn’t mean she’s lost her edge or her energy. Andrea Echeverri, the tattooed, pierced, and iconic frontwoman of Aterciopelados—the Colombian rock band that rose to…
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TV Shows For Couples

Lots of commentary has been written on parenting sites about co-viewing television programs with your children, but I think an issue way more relevant to my life, and probably yours, is trying to find a show that my husband and I both want…

Crafty Chica's Tips to Tie Dye

When I was a kid I always wanted to try tie-dye, but my mom would always say, “Noooo, it’s so messy, it will stain everything!”I’m happy to report things have changed since then. The tie-dye process these days is as easy as adding…

Illustrating Go the F**k To Sleep

Once upon a time parents simply swallowed their discontent when it came to whiny kids who didn’t want to go to sleep. We lived in a land where, on any given night, mom and dad displayed more patience than Gandhi; never a single bleepable…