Tamal Secrets From the Experts-MainPhoto

Tamale Secrets From the Experts

During the holiday season, tamales are a must in any Latin household. This is the time when the mamis and the abuelitas go all out and make tamales that turn the neighbors green with envy. As a matter of fact, I still remember my friend Elena's…
Fresh Baked Bread for the Holidays-MainPhoto

Fresh Baked Bread for the Holidays

I bake fresh bread once or twice a week. At first, the process of producing a loaf of fresh baked bread sounded absolutely intimidating. However, I found a great, easy-to-make recipe from Jim Lahey at Sullivan Street Bakery. Here, I will…

Mango-Chile Paletas for Father's Day

Editor’s Note: Try this icy dessert for a cool, refreshing treat on Fathers Day. These mango-chile paletas burst with bright, juicy mango chunks, and lime zest. Spicy chile flakes speckle the frozen delight offering bursts of heat to counteract…
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Father's Day: Carne Asada & Grilled Corn Salad

With the summer months blazing upon us, I like to get outside and fire up my grill. From time to time I will grill a bounty of vegetables and meat then keep them stored away in the fridge to use for salads throughout the week. You can bet…
Rodriguez-Corn Cake with Fruit & Whipped Cream

Sweet Corn Cake with Fruit & Whipped Cream for Mother's Day

My Mami has never had much of a sweet tooth. She will indulge in a few buñelos over the Christmas Holidays or maybe a slice of cake on birthdays. She prefers savory over sweet when it comes to after dinner treats.  With Mother’s Day approaching…
Myers-Wonton Guac Bombs

Cinco de Mayo Food Fusion: Wonton Guac Bombs

Editor’s Note: Here’s another delicious, creative recipe to help you build your Cinco de Mayo Menu...Enjoy! WONTON GUAC BOMBS The ultimate Cinco de Mayo food! The chip and the guac merge entirely in this crispy yet luscious dipping bomb…
Potato & Soyrizo Quiche-MainPhoto

Healthy Mom’s Day: Potato & Soyrizo Quiche

Editor’s Note: Mamiverse Food is helping you get a head start on your Mother’s Day Menu...here’s a great recipe for a vegetarian quiche that still has a Latino spin. I am just nuts about potatoes and so is my Mom. Instead of making…
Lentils for Lent

Lentils for Lent: My Family Recipe

I grew up in a seriously Catholic household where Lent was strictly enforced. Every Ash Wednesday, my grandfather used to come home first thing in the morning from church with ashes on his forehead. He owned those ashes the way most people…