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Reverse Psychology and Other Awesome Parenting Hacks-MainPhoto

Reverse Psychology and Other Awesome Parents Hacks

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Raising kids is scary, stressful and exhausting, and anyone who tells you otherwise has never tried to do it. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and totally fatigued by parenthood; in fact, there’s even a…

Walking the Line Between Cool Mom & Dad and Good Parents

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  From the very moment you find out you are pregnant, you and your partner swear that you’ll be cool parents. You’ll listen to your kids; you’ll laugh and you won’t yell. You’ll let them stay up late and eat…

Playlist Alert : Best Workout Songs for The Severely Unmotivated

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  When it's sweltering outside sometimes you need the best workout songs to pump you up and get you moving. We all feel like a great playlist makes us exercise better and research backs that up. According to Scientific…

Legit & Fit Workout Routines: 8 Ways to Workout Smarter, Not Harder

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UPDATED May 31st, 2018 It’s no secret that working out is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but what might surprise you is that despite your best efforts, your workout routines might not be as effective as you would like. If you’re…

Swimming Technique: How to Do Laps with Athletic Integrity

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UPDATED May 31st, 2018 If you recently changed your workout from running to swimming you are not alone. Most health nuts, after hearing what an amazing workout swimming technique gives the entire body, and how gentle it is on your muscles…

Bunless Summer: How to Enjoy Burgers and Dogs on a Low or No Carb Diet

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018  Your no carb diet has you feeling great about your bikini bod just in time for summer. Then grilling season starts and the endless array of burgers and hotdogs threatens to undo all of your hard work. First, stay…
Summer School Ideas to Help Your Kid Get Through It-MainPhoto

Summer School Ideas to Help Your Kid Get Through It

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 Ready to put a new spin on summer school ideas and attitudes? In movies, the second the bell rings kids start throwing their worksheets in the air, screaming “school’s out for summer!” and running around like…

How to Get Abs Without Sit-Ups or Planks: 5 Abs Diet Friendly Foods

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 If you've been crunching your heart out and haven't achieved that perfect six-pack yet, an abs diet is in order. Stat! The old saying, Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym, has stuck around for years because…
The Power of NOW: How to Lose Weight Fast for Summer-MainPhoto

The Power of NOW: How to Lose Weight Fast for Summer

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UPDATED May 19, 2018 How to lose weight fast—the million dollar question many of us face each day. You eat well and you exercise, and yet, despite all your best efforts you are still holding on to those pesky five pounds you’ve been trying…