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10 Things to Know About Obamacare-SliderPhoto

10 Things to Know About

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On October 1, enrollment began in the national healthcare program that has been the subject of so much debate in Washington. The website for the program,, was plagued with technical problems at the outset, but as of December…
seasonal affective disorder SAD

5 Ways to Beat Winter SADness

It’s fitting that the acronym of Seasonal Affective Disorder is SAD. Those who suffer from SAD during the dark days of winter feel as bleak as the chilly landscape around them. But don’t lose hope during those frigid winter months: here…

How to Have a Healthy, Happy Holiday!

The holiday season is a special time when we surround ourselves with those we love most. It can be the happiest—but unhealthiest!—time of the year. Try these tips, courtesy of the American Heart Association, to keep the holidays healthy…
Cancer patients and aspirin

Should Cancer Patients Take Aspirin?

I vaguely remember taking aspirin when I was sick as a kid. I think baby aspirin back then was pink and came in a small glass bottle. By the time I had children though, it was no longer recommended. The use of aspirin was associated with serious…

For World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

My first encounter with AIDS was in 1993. I visited a friend at the hospital and stayed with him as he died. He was in the emptiest, most solitary part of the hospital. There were few visitors (if any) on that hospital floor, as if they had…
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Bad Breath: How to Combat It!

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No one wants to admit they have bad breath. Worse yet, no one wants to tell you that you have bad breath. Celeb cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands, who works with Hollywood’s elite including Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, Emma Stone, Robert…
Your Child’s Risk for High Blood Pressure-NFO

Your Child’s Risk for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is no longer just a concern for adults, but for your children too. Recent studies presented at an American Heart Association conference show that the risk for high blood pressure in adulthood may be determined childhood.…
Eight Tips for Family Caregivers-MainPhoto

Eight Tips to Help Family Caregivers Cope

When her mom suffered a devastating stroke, Lori Ramos Cavallo left her son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and job in Colorado to become a family caregiver in California. “I took a new job running our family and I had no idea how to do…
Peruvian Mother Overcomes Stroke Through Quick Action of Her Husband-MainPhoto

Quick Action Saves Mom After a Stroke

When Noelia Chumpitaz’s husband, Rafael, tipped the scales at 250 pounds, she made it her mission to educate her family about the risk of stroke. A month later, that education saved a life—hers. In May, Noelia attended an American Heart…