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40 Things You Can Do with Vaseline-SliderPhoto

40 Things You Can Do with Vaseline

In 1859, petroleum had just been discovered in Pennsylvania, and a young chemist named Robert Chesebrough traveled there to make his fortune. Chesebrough noticed that workers used “rod wax,” a byproduct of the drilling process, to soften…
Birth Control 2014 – 10 New Methods to Avoid Getting Knocked up-MainPhoto

Birth Control 2014: 8 New Ways to Avoid Getting Knocked Up

On May 9, 1960, the birth control pill was approved by the FDA and was available by prescription, changing the way we looked at pregnancy prevention forever. The medication quickly became known as ‘the pill’ and not a lot has changed over…
9 Reasons Why Vaccines Are Still the Right Thing to Do-MainPhoto

9 Reasons Why Vaccines Are Still the Right Thing to Do

On May 8, 1980, the World Health Organization announced that the horrible disease of smallpox had been eradicated around the world. Vaccination, of course, played a large role in the eradication of smallpox and we have it, largely, to thank…
20 Reasons Why Nurses Really Run a Hospital-MainPhoto

20 Reasons Why Nurses Really Run the Hospital

May 6 is National Nurses Day which also kicks off National Nurses Week. National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, which is Florence Nightingale's birthday. Stephen Ambrose once wrote that, “It would not be possible…
10 Reasons to Keep Drinking Coffee-MainPhoto

10 Reasons to Keep Drinking Coffee

National Beverage Day is May 6 and if you’re like millions of adults around the world, coffee is your beverage of choice. Just the aroma of it brewing is enough to start the day and for many people, the only way they can function before…
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12 Reasons why Everyone is Talking About Ayahuasca

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In the world of mind-altering experiences, an ancient vine from the Amazon used by shamans, called Ayahuasca (also known as yagé), has emerged as the new “it” form of ritualized transcendence as reported by the New Yorker. But Ayahuasca,…
Lace Up Your Shoes for AHA’s National Walking Day-MainPhoto

Lace Up Your Shoes for AHA’s National Walking Day!

I have to admit, as a fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss, I never really considered walking as a plan of attack for my clients. Nevertheless, over recent years I've had to take a good, long look at not only the benefits of walking,…
How to Prevent and Correct Hyperpigmentation-MainPhoto

How to Prevent and Correct Hyperpigmentation

You've heard more than once that Latinas are prone to dark spots due to increased melanin production in our skin, but is the sun the only thing causing it? Research shows some of the things you least expect are causing hyperpigmentation —…
Take Control Of Your Heart Health-MainPhoto

Take Control of Your Heart Health

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Do you know what it means to GO RED? It means getting informed, taking control of your heart health, and sharing information about heart disease prevalence with the mujeres in your life. Read Related: I Survived Heart Disease What it means…