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You Need More Sleep

We’ve all been there, when your lids are so heavy, you can hardly keep your eyes open. What do you do? You reach for the coffee, soda or food—anything to take your mind off the fact that you’re sleep deprived, have a pile of work to…

The 5 Health Tests You Must Have This Year (For Real!)

We know how it is: You work hard at a job all day, then come home and have to get dinner on the table. You make sure the kids do their homework, try to have a complete conversation with the man in your life, take care of the house, and hopefully…

Spotty Nails: What Does it Mean?

MEDICAL MYTH: White Spots on Fingernails Mean Vitamin Deficiency. What does it mean, really? BUST: Though a popular belief that white spots on one’s fingernails mean a calcium and zinc deficiency, those visible little spots on your…

At-Home Plastic Surgery Horror Stories: Why Latinas are at Risk

A woman walks into a supposed cosmetic surgeon's office with a flat derriere, walks out with a new one inflated with the tire mender Fix-A-Flat and her open wounds sealed up with Super Glue. Think you're reading horror fiction? Nope, it's…

Co-sleeping: Good or Bad?

You may be wondering whether co-sleeping is good or bad. No wonder! The Milwaukee Health Department has stirred up a mom’s nest, with its new advertising campaign about the potential dangers of co-sleeping, but then again, that was likely…

Are Colonics Bad for You?

MYTH: Colonics are bad for you. REALITY: While some fear the colonic like the plague and others swear by it, the fact remains that your intestine is a 19-foot tube that likely never gets a thorough cleaning from the inside. This is especially…