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What is Muscle Memory? 5 Ways it’s Your Body’s BFF

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What is muscle memory, you ask? Well, think of it this way: you work out often and you work hard to achieve a healthy, strong body head to toe. But then you get sick, or you have to travel to a destination with no gym in sight. Now what? If…

10 Reasons why You Should Sign Up for Adult Hip Hop Classes

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If you’re in the mood to dance, get fit and bust out some fresh moves next time your with your home girls in a club, then freestyle your way over to your nearest gym for some adult hip hop classes. The high-energy movements of a hip hop…

Toning Titan: The Upper Body Workout for the Body of an Athlete

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Many women spend so much time on their abs and glutes, they neglect a regular upper body workout. And then it's tank top weather and you realize your belly isn't the only part of you that has a little more jiggle than you'd like. Not only…
Bum Rush Gym Tips on Great Butt Toning Exercises -MainPhoto

Bum Rush: Gym Tips on Great Butt Toning Exercises

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We know, we know, no one wants to talk about butt toning exercises. Once upon a time 6-pack abs were getting all the attention in the fitness scene. And sure, we would all love a toned tummy, but these days believe it or not, it’s all about…

Your Go-To Moves for Pre and Post Workout Stretching Exercises

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It’s hard enough to get motivated to exercise, and it’s certainly a challenge to find time to work out, but when you do, don’t overlook the pre and post-workout stretching exercises routine in an effort to save time and energy. Your…

Parks & Recreation: 10 New Family Activities to Do in a Park

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The kids are home for the summer, it's only July and you're running out of fun family activities to keep them, and you, occupied. A visit to the park is a great way to get outside, enjoy nature and it can be a blast for the whole family. Not…

Go Time: Start Working Out Again and Wake Your Body From Winter

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No more excuses! It's time for you to determine how to start working out again so you can start stripping away your winter layers with confidence. Exercise tops the list of New Year's resolution for almost everyone but bitter cold temps and…

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Walking

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If you’re reading this, you may already be at your desk. And, like the majority of the population, you probably arrived there by car or public transportation. But it's not too late! April 4 is National Walk to Work Day, which serves as a…
Agility Now: 9 Reasons why Flexibility Training Matters-MainPhoto

Agility Now: 9 Reasons why Flexibility Training Matters

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When is the last time you stopped and thought about the merits of flexibility training? When life gets busy there is always something that needs to be tossed to the sidelines so you can focus on what is important. The same goes for your workout—when…