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Here’s Why You Should Aim to be a Surfer Girl

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Generally speaking, women can do pretty much anything they set their minds to. We are tough, we are bold, we are stronger than we think, and we can physically and emotionally handle a lot. Hello monthly periods? Birthing human beings? PMS?…

Here's Why You Need to Try a Trampoline Workout

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If you're a gym hater and think traditional workouts are torture, you need to try a trampoline workout today! Also known as a rebounder, this is a great way to get your heart pumping, reconnect with your inner child and inject some much-needed…

Love Handle Workouts to Torch Your “Muffins” in Time for Summer

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We all have a section of our body we struggle with—a trouble area that always seems to suffer when we don’t eat properly or stick to our workout routine. Some people hate their thighs, some people can actually feel that chocolate doughnut…

Working Out on Your Period: Yay or Nay?

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It's the eternal question: Is working out on your period a good idea or a bad one? On one hand, you generally feel bloated, fat and more in need of some serious cardio. Then there's all of that PMS snacking.... No shame here — we all give…

In Defense of the Good Old-Fashioned Pilates Workout

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Every day it seems there is a new workout trend that you absolutely HAVE to try. From boot camps to cycling to hip hop yoga and barre, there is no shortage of different forms of exercise to choose from. Which is a really good thing if you…

5 Self-Defense Modalities that Are Perfect for Women

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Every woman can benefit from taking self-defense classes. They're empowering, they help to build confidence and studies have shown that they really do prevent attacks. A 2015 Canadian study on the Enhanced Assess Acknowledge Act Sexual Assault…

Your Go-To Reggaeton Music Workout Playlist

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Take your workout from so-so to sweaty with some hip-shaking Reggaeton music. There's nothing like tunes that make you want to dance for getting revved and pushing yourself to go the extra mile. Reggaeton has the perfect upbeat party vibe…

The Subtle Art of Choosing a Personal Trainer

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You want to get fit, you want to look and feel your best, and you’re willing to put in the work. So what’s next? If you really want results, sometimes you need to enlist the help of a personal trainer who will be totally dedicated to helping…

Everything You Need to Know About Power Plate Fitness

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The Power Plate has been around for 15 years and the concept of whole body vibration goes back even farther. PlateFit, a gym designed entirely around Power Plate workouts, recently opened in LA and it's reignited the whole body vibration craze.…