Fitness, sports and exercise tips for moms and kids.


Lourdes Colon Films Life and Death Battle with Cancer

After she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, actress Lourdes Colon decided she would record and share her journey via YouTube. In her very real version of reality TV, Lourdes shares the highs and lows of her ongoing life and death battle…

Fat Girl Follies: Diet Disasters & Triumphs

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THE FAT BRIDESMAID I was 17. My cousin was getting married in a BIG Catholic ceremony and had asked me to be a bridesmaid. My prima was very stylish and instead of the usual frumpy, taffeta nightmare she had chosen a slim black sheath from…

Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Never mind what celebrities, diet gurus or self-help books would have you believe about getting back to your post-pregnancy body. There’s really only five factors that play into safe, healthy weight loss—plus one virtue, patience. “I…

Handling The Pressure to Drop the Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson is in the news yet again—this time, for a lucrative deal she’s reportedly made with Weight Watchers to lose her post-pregnancy baby weight. You might think Simpson would be more wrapped up in, say, nesting—after all,…

Flirting with Diabetes

I make mistakes all the time. Sometimes I still eat the wrong stuff. I'm still overweight. I am clearly a work in progress. The good news? I am progressing, and I want you to come with me. We will make great strides. We will work ourselves…

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Fitness and diet goals are the two most popular—and least successful—of all resolutions, including stopping smoking, finding a soul mate and changing jobs. Psychologist and Gold’s Fitness Institute member Dr. Belisa Vranich tells how…

Hard Core: Getting Wii Fit with Daisy Fuentes Pilates

When I was in college, there was a popular infomercial that came on at all hours of the night. Daisy Fuentes was the host, promoting a workout that I had never heard of—something called Mari Winsor Pilates. My roommate, Megan, and I used…

6 Tips to Squeeze in a Workout During the Holidays

Squeezing in a workout during the holidays may be the last thing on your mind, but it should be your top priority! As the year winds down, the social functions wind up and you have a list a mile long of parties and charity functions to…

8 Family-friendly Sports

Taking up a family-friendly sport is great idea! According to an article by Melissa Healy in the L.A. Times, Latino children are more likely to exercise if their parents are physically active. Even if you do your own exercise routine alone…