Queen of Clean: 10 Laundry Hacks Your Life Needs Now

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Not only does laundry seem like a never-ending chore for most of us, the supplies can get pretty expensive when you add up the cost of detergent, fabric softener, bleach, stain fighter, dryer sheets, etc. It turns out there are quite a few…

Bottoms Up: The Truth About a Colon Cleanse, from Enemas to Colonics

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There are some things that are generally unpleasant to talk about: politics, religion, money, and pretty much anything having to do with your bowel movements—including a colon cleanse. Add those topics to the growing list entitled “what…

10 Reasons You Need Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was developed by Dr. John E. Upledger, during research conducted at Michigan State University from 1975-1983. In his words: "CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological…

Who Knew? 10 Surprising & Beneficial Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

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Hydrogen peroxide uses? Really? Yeah, we’re with you. That intimidating brown bottle of chemicals in your medicine cabinet reminds us of our childhood, when we’d get a bad scrape and have to suffer through the application of that clear…

Inside the Mind: 8 Mental Disorders We Don't Talk About But Should

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As frank and open as we can be as a society, for some reason we shy away from talking about mental disorders. But sadly, someone you probably know, who seems normal, holds a day job, is raising a family and paying their bills on time, is secretly…

Rude People : 10 Ways You Probably Don't Realize You're Not Being Nice

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Some days it feels like we're completely surrounded by rude people from the moment we step out the door. The morning commute alone brings out the worst in just about everyone — not a great way to start the day. In fact, a recent University…

The Heel Deal: How to Get Rid of Blisters

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It's essential to know how to get rid of blisters, especially as we head into fall and begin reacquainting our feet with hard shoes. Generally, blisters on your feet are caused by friction and moisture. If you've been exfoliating and religiously…

Getting it Straight: 5 Ways to Fix Your Crooked Teeth

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UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 Remember when some celebs had crooked teeth that weren't evenly spaced, all the same size and blindingly white? There are still a few holdouts like Jewel and Madonna (whose gap comes and goes) but most people would…

6 Key Things You Should Know About Pool Chlorine

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It’s hot out and there’s no school, so most days between the months of June and September, we’re spending a lot of quality time in a swimming pool—which we know is loaded with pool chlorine. So what exactly is chlorine? According to…