Coping with Dementia Stages or Alzheimer’s in Older Parents

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It’s never easy to get older, and it can be even harder to see your parents age, especially if your parents suffer from an illness or ailment. And while all diseases are terrible, Alzheimer’s and Dementia stages can be incredibly hard…

Miscarriage Statistics: Why No One Ever Talks About It

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As The Guardian reports regarding miscarriage statistics, around one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage, but while most of us are comfortable with sharing our joy with others, we struggle to share our sadness. Despite feeling devastated…

7 Reasons Why You Always Have Upper Back Pain

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Between stress from your job, lugging your purse around, lugging your kids around, sitting at a desk all day and overall poor posture, it should come as no surprise that you feel constant upper back pain, particularly in your neck and shoulders.…

Rethinking Your Ink : How to Go About Tattoo Removal

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It seemed like such a good idea at the time! But things change and the tattoo removal business is growing almost as fast as the tattoo business. The Green Bay Press Gazette reports, "Market research by IBISworld shows the tattoo removal industry…

10 Reasons why Chronic Inflammation is Your Body’s Archenemy

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If you have ever had a migraine, cut yourself or had a sore throat, you have experienced chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to remove the outside stress and start the healing process.  Because inflammation is part…

10 Surprising Reasons Why You Have a Swollen Face

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It's the worst! Waking up and gazing in the mirror at your puffy, swollen face does nothing for your self esteem. Facial swelling doesn't exactly make you feel pretty but sometimes it can be a sign you have a medical issue. Luckily, most of…

The Pros and Cons of Having Corrective Lasik Eye Surgery

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Longing to toss your glasses or contact lenses for good? Then you may have already considered corrective LASIK eye surgery, but are unsure if it´s safe or right for you. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, LASIK (laser-assisted…

First-Aid: 10 Things to Always Have in Your Medicine Cabinets

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Medicine cabinets should always contain basic first-aid and OTC medication. It's important to regularly take inventory of your supplies and restock before things run out. You'll save yourself late-night emergency drug store runs, sleepless…

Headache Remedies: How to Nip an Awful One in the Bud

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Raise your hand if you need ideas for headache remedies like now. Nothing can interrupt your day and damage your mood quite like a headache. They can come out of nowhere, and leave you completely sidelined, unable to function and totally miserable.…