Bugging Out: 10 Mosquito Bites You Want to Avoid

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If someone asked you what the most dangerous animal in the world was you’d probably answer either humans, sharks or snakes, right? Bill Gates took on this same question in his blog The Deadliest Animal in the World stating: “It depends…

For Real, Though: Is it Bad to Crack Your Knuckles?

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It's sooo satisfying but is it bad to crack your knuckles? For years we've thought that the delightfully disgusting cracking sound was the caused by air bubbles bursting in our joint fluid. Although this was generally considered to be harmless…

Laying it Down: The Best Sleeping Position

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At the end of a long day do you sometimes feel like you could sleep anywhere? You could fall asleep at the kitchen table, on the bus, on your kid’s floor, or even on the toilet. But the best sleeping position has an impact on how you’ll…

8 Sneaky Signs of Stress That Show Up On Your Body

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Everyone needs to keep their eye on signs of stress. We all suffer from it at one time or another—we’re human, we are flawed, we get overwhelmed and it’s totally, 100% normal. Even the best planners, the most organized individuals and…

6 Reasons You Need to Stop Lugging a Heavy Bag

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Look down at your purse. Now try to lift it up with just a few fingers. Can’t do it can you? If your heavy bag is so large and so heavy that it’s approaching the size and weight of a carry-on suitcase then you need to make a change, stat.…

Wind it Down: How to Get Yourself Early to Bed

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Are you a night owl with early bird work responsibilities finding it hard to get yourself early to bed? Aside from cutting down on your caffeine intake, winding down from your wound-up day takes planning ahead along with a few mental and physical…

Danger Zone: 5 Toxic Chemicals You Need to Drop from Your Life

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We are learning more about how many toxic chemicals we're exposed to in our daily lives and their effect on our bodies — short-term and long-term — is truly frightening. Moms everywhere have been both horrified by the scope of Flint, Michigan's…

10 Best Hangover Food Ideas that Won't Make You Fat

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the best hangover food is anything greasy. Greasy, fried foods often do make you feel a little better if you had one (or so...) too many last night, but they aren't great for your waistline.…

Now Hear This: 5 Myths to Dispel About Ear Cleaning

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We can still hear it now: “Don’t forget to clean your ears!” our mother would scream. As adults we now know she meant to clean around and behind the ears, not so much scrubbing the inside of our ears, but still, ears were a big focus…