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When, as Latinos, We Were Freaks

Being Latino in the US, years ago, meant we were freaks! Growing up Mexican in the bowels of Orange County, California, was lonely. On a whim in 1977, my parents sold everything they owned in Mexico City and moved us to the United States.…

My Thanksgiving Adoption Story

Thanksgiving is when I most appreciate the happy ending of my adoption story! ALWAYS THANKFUL There isn't a day—Thanksgiving or not—where I don't look at my boy and marvel at how we have been brought together. We were so clearly meant…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A Pregnancy Story

What does The Very Hungry Caterpillar have to do with pregnancy, you may ask. I stared at the picture with a curious mix of mortification and amusement. There I am in all my pregnant glory on a website for all the world to see. Could this…

5 Delicious Ways to Pamper your Inner Goddess

How much do you love your body, regardless of your weight or your size? If you are like most women, then you probably experience some kind of self-hatred talk and shame. Sister, you don’t have to be prisoner to those toxic thoughts and…

A Successful Adoption Story, Part 3

My  successful adoption story continues. Just last week at a deli I periodically visit, I was ordering my soup and salad when the man checking me out asked, “Are you mixed with something?” Coming of age as a Latina in the South in…

Finding Personal Comfort & Joy During the Holidays

Comfort & joy during the holidays are something we all look forward to, right? Ever since I was a child, the holidays would arrive as a mix of joy and sadness. Though my parents lived separate lives, they shared the strict rule that…

A Successful Adoption Story, Part 2

And my successful adoption story continues ... We decided it was time to start our family during a morning walk on a hot, summer day at the beach in 2008. While we knew our family would be formed through adoption, this was all we knew.…

A Successful Adoption Story

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. To celebrate this important month, I am sharing my family's adoption story with Mamiverse readers. Today, I'll share how we came to the adoption decision. In the coming weeks, I'll share our adoption…

Self-Care: Why It Matters and How I Learned My Lesson

Quick. Think of the last time you did something to truly nurture yourself. Struggling to come up with the date? You are not alone. Most of us suffer from chronic self-neglect. In our busy lives, it always feels like something's gotta give…