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Your Wellness Prescription Is In Your Hands

I was twenty-five when I learned that my wellness was in my hands. As a third year teacher, I was fully immersed in my career. I taught. I coached. I directed the student activities program. In a bit of prescient wisdom, one student wrote…

Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired

January is my favorite time of the year. Good intentions flood my spirit, I crank out glittery vision boards that drip with enthusiasm, and I’m ready to solve everyone’s problems. But then…halfway through the second week of January,…

Learning to Share in Adulthood

I’ve never been very good at sharing. Growing up an only child, I didn’t really have to be. I actually have three sisters whom I adore—but technically, they’re half-sisters, from my father’s previous and subsequent marriages. There’s…

Are Deep, Meaningful Friendships a Thing of the Past?

Sometimes I wonder if true, deep, and meaningful friendships are of a bygone era. A neighbor of mine called on New Year’s Eve to wish us well. When I asked her plans for the evening, she said she and her husband were having dinner and martinis…

Create New Holiday Traditions with Your Family

Holiday traditions help us maintain our heritage, but they also bring us closer as families. You may already have New Year's Eve traditions passed down from your parents, such as eating 12 grapes at midnight or watching the ball drop in…

Horseback Riding Lessons with Mom

Horseback riding lessons with my mother taught me more than riding. In every ritual, there is the costume that transforms reality into something bigger. Ours began with squeezing into our second-skin breeches first, followed by the requisite…

Charitable New Year's Resolutions

Charitable New Year's Resolutions can help you reach your goals. Not only will you be a better person, but will help others too! Think back to all of your failed New Year's resolutions of years past: They probably involved some level…

Christmas & The Single Mom

Christmas can be a tough time for the single mom. The holidays can take a toll on any family with even a whiff of dysfunction (in other words, everyone). But as a single mom, this season has always been an unexpected minefield of situations…

Create a Memorable Family Gift-Giving Ceremony

How to create a memorable family gift-giving ceremony in Christmas? For many of us, the holiday season is about the joy of sharing with our loved ones, bonding with family, appreciating each other and the blessings we bring to each other's…