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Mother’s Day For Those Who Hate Their Moms

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Mother's Day is not a happy event for all. Especially not for those who hate their own moms.  Los Angeles native and screenwriter Nicole Gonzalez McIntosh was eight years old when her mother first threw her…

15 Reasons to Challenge Yourself Every Day

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Challenging yourself daily is a surefire path to success in all areas of your life. For inspiration, take advantage of Go For Broke Day, which is on April 5. The expression “go for broke” means to go for it,…

Do You Fidget Too Much? 5 Ways to Make Yourself Stop

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get accustomed to a constant state of motion. We’re always doing something, often multi-tasking, and rarely do we get to just sit still. Which is exactly why when we’re not occupied with some…

How to Choose Words that Empower You

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We’ve all heard that actions speak louder than words, but let’s not underestimate the power that words have over our life. The power to empower. After all, words can inspire you, they can make you smile, they can make you think and they…

How to Stop Running Late to Everything

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If you are someone who is constantly running late, then you know the struggle of being prompt (or more accurately, never being prompt) is real. And if you are always on time, then you know how annoying it is to deal with a friend/colleague/family…

Why The Daylight Saving Shift is Medicine for Our Soul

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If you’re starting to feel like days are getting longer and the sun is up a little bit later than it used to be, you’re not wrong. It’s good news and a pleasant shift from the super short days of winter, but it also means that the Daylight…

Strong Bonds: 8 Ways to be More Reliable

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Of all the positive qualities you try to practice in your everyday life, being reliable is really important, and sometimes we forget just how crucial it is. In your family life, your relationships, your career and your personal goals, it is…

9 New Ways to Redefine Your Personal Integrity This Year

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January has come and gone, and as we move into the second month of the year, it’s a great time to take a step back and look at the core of your integrity, where you are as far as your goals are concerned, or maybe more importantly, to look…

You Got This: 8 Ways to Think About How to be Disciplined

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The person who once said when there’s a will there’s a way knew the potency of human willpower. But when it comes to change, old habits can be hard to break, and it seems that we fail more often than we succeed. At its essence, when it…