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Guilt-Free Holiday Smoothies

It’s that time of the year where our bellies will be stuffed from the end of November through New Year's. We try to keep up with our exercise routine but unfortunately for many, exercise is achieved running through the store aisles and mall…
Sweet Grapefruit Cherry Spritzer-MainPhoto

Better Than Soda: Sweet Grapefruit Cherry Spritzer

A MOM-FRIENDLY CHOICE There’s something special about a drink that looks like a Shirley Temple. It makes kids feel grown up and they love sipping on the sweet pink cocktailso why not try to create this fun beverage at home with your children?…
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Healthy Drinks: Smoothies, Shakes & Infusions

Easy Ways to Drink Your Fruit All Year Round Growing up, healthy drinks like cool, refreshing shakes and smoothies were (and still are) some of my best nutritious friends and allies. They would help me get my daily quota of fruit and dairy…
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Peruvian Purple Corn Tea (Chicha Morada)

Chicha Morada is an ancient Incan beverage made from brewing native purple corn. The corn, which can be found dried and still attached to the cob, is boiled with pineapple rind and spices for about an hour and finished with a squeeze of lime.…
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Hibiscus Lemonade: A New Twist on a Summertime Classic

Nothing says sultry summer like a refreshing glass of pink lemonade. Using dried culinary hibiscus flowers (sometimes called flor de Jamaica or sorrel and not the same flower you see tucked behind ladies ears) adds a sophisticated spin that…

Iced Coffee Coolers to Help You Beat the Heat

The long hot days of summer require something cool and refreshing to balance out that intense heat. What could be more perfect than a quartet of iced coffee drinks that are easy to make and taste delicious. The other mothers will think you’re…