5. Don’t be Scared of Failure
A feline shows no fear. They try to jump to and from incredible heights, and they don’t hesitate even if an obstacle seems impossible. And 9 times out of 10, they land on their feet like a total badass. Now, we’re not saying you should put yourself at risk unnecessarily, but don’t be afraid of a challenge, and if you do stumble or fail, get back up on your feet and shake it off.

6. Never Wear your Heart on Your Sleeve
A dog will jump up and down the second they see you come home every single day, showing their excitement without an ounce of hesitation. A child will tell you exactly what they are thinking with no filter or restraint. A cat? Not so much. They don’t exactly wear their heart on their paw. They can be aloof and a little mysterious, which just makes you want their affection more. While there is a time and a place for transparency when it comes to your emotions, there’s also a time to be elusive and a bit more subdued.