2. Don’t Tolerate Other People’s Bullshi*t
A cat will never deal with other people’s annoying habits, they won’t tolerate something that doesn’t make them happy and then have no problem swatting you away or turning their back and ignoring someone or something they don’t like. In short, they don’t tolerate the bullsh*t—a lesson we humans could adopt in our own lives.

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3. Never Underestimate the Value of Being Well Groomed
Is it just us, or does your entire attitude transform after a haircut or a nice long shower? Heck, we feel like a new person after shaving our legs, and cats totally get this. Not the shaving your legs part, but the importance of a good grooming session. “Studies suggest that healthy cats spend 8 to 15 percent of their waking time grooming themselves,” says Pet Place. In their case it’s more a matter of survival (as they groom to clean their prey’s blood off their fur, so they don’t attract larger predators), but whatever the motivation, maintaining a clean and put-together appearance should be an important part of your daily ritual.

4. You Can be Both Loving and Independent
While dogs are a bit more attached to their owners, and humans can get super clingy as well, cats maintain a level of independence and mystery. And while we all need some love and affection from time to time, it’s a refreshing break to have a companion that doesn’t really need (or want) to be with you at all times. Cats don’t demand your constant attention, making it that much more rewarding when they do curl up against your leg. Note to self: you CAN show love while also maintaining some independence in your relationships. Just follow your cat’s lead.