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Carlos Santana-Gato Black Magic Kitty!-MainPhoto
I am Carlos Santana-Gato, the #1 cat fan of my Latin idol, superstar icon Santana. Just like him, I believe in celebrating those who embrace the spirit of their own uniqueness.

This cool cat’s ever-evolving signature blend of Afro-Latin-blues-rock fusion and phenomenal guitar solos have kept fans coming back for more since 1966, when he first formed the Santana Blues Band in hippie-haven San Francisco. Santana capped off the 60s with a mind-bending performance at Woodstock where he played one of my faves Evil Ways. Through the 70s, Carlos’ music morphed into a more meditative jazz fusion style influenced by his own spiritual journey following guru Sri Chinmoy. He performed on the legendary 1985 LiveAid Tour and continued making a steady stream of albums. After a brief hiatus from the pop charts, he came roaring back into the spotlight with his 35th album Supernatural. In 2009, Santana received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

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When I meet a pretty persian who strikes my fancy, I like to invite her back to my place for a few glasses of Gato Negro and a nice plate of Fancy Feast. And when I’m ready to make my move, I put on my best Santana mix including Black Magic Woman (of course) and she’s putty in my paws.

What Makes Carlos Santana-Gato Purr

  • I love the look of pretty paw in a Carlos by Carlos Santana shoe.
  • Sometimes I’ll meditate for an hour or two by staring at the wall.
  • When I’m blue, listening to Santana’s cover of Cat Stevens’ Changes IV always cheers me up.
  • Plucking away at my banjo.

What Gets Carlos Santana-Gato’s Dander Up

  • Cats who chase their own tails.
  • I simply don’t put up with rude people who insist on touching my paws when I’m trying to relax.
  • Stuck up Siamese cuties who turn up their noses when I try to chat them up.
  • My biggest pet peeve is when my owner doesn’t properly blend the wet and dry food in my bowl.

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