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Woman practicing breathing techniques

Breathing is the first and the last thing we do in this life. We are so used to this that we really don’t consider think about it. Between birth and death, we breathe unconsciously millions of times. Regardless of your age, your lifestyle, your profession or your environment, the more you concentrate with conscious breathing, the more you will connect with your inner self.

Deep breathing is said to promote feelings of inner calm while reducing stress levels. It helps release feelings of anger. Doctors use deep breathing exercises with their patients to treat anxiety, sleep problems and chronic pain.

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Deep breathing is not only good for you, it can help you live a better life! Here, we present 12 breathing techniques that can help you feel better in every aspect of life.

1. Coherent breathing.This breathing technique calls for you to limit your breaths to 5 per minute, including five inhales and five exhales. This rate maximizes the rate of heart variation (HRV); the higher this index, the better your heart health.

2. Resistance breathing: Exactly as the name suggests, resistance breathing offers resistance to the passage of air. You can achieve this closing of the air inlet and outlet by pursing the lips, by placing the tongue against the upper teeth, or breathing through a straw. If this seems a bit complicated, you can simply breath through the nose instead of through the mouth.

3. Breath moving: This visualization technique asks you to mentally “walk” your breath walk mentally your body, like a virtual massage. You can take a tour from your head to your feet or make mini-tours of different body parts. The point is to be aware of your breath moving through specific parts of your body to help increase concentration and self-awareness.

4. The one minute breath: Close your eyes almost entirely and inhale slowly for 20 seconds. Hold the breath for 20 seconds, then exhale very slowly for 20 seconds. Start again. Do this for three, 10 or 30 minutes when you feel overwhelmed, confused, or need a little peace.

5. Ujayii breathing: Inhale deeply, with closed mouth, exhale through the nose while you contract the muscles of the throat. You will know you’re doing it right if you sound like Darth Vader.

6. Prana Yama nose breathing: This method of yoga breathing alternated breaths between one nostril and another. It is said to be good preparation for meditation, increases circulation and respiration, and promotes inner calm.

7. Breathing exercises for better sleep: Use these techniques to get relaxed in order to fall asleep faster and have a better quality of rest. As you start to practice this technique, keep a pen and paper to write down (and put aside) annoying or troubling thoughts and ideas that are keeping you from getting to sleep.

8. Breathing exercises for better sex: Especially for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, these breathing techniques focus on relaxation and ultimately, help prolong intercourse.

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