It’s Not Me, It’s YOU 5 Steps to Dump a Loser-MainPhoto

How-to-Deal-with-Negative-People-&-Manage-Energy-Sucking-Friends-Photo55. Don’t try to be “just friends.” This never works, especially when the breakup is not a mutual decision. You may tell him that you just want to be friends and that may be true; you’d like to be his friend. But Mr. Loser is going to take every contact with you as an opportunity to try to get back together. Do not go to the matinee. Do not go to his birthday party or show up to support him at his art opening. And absolutely, do not comfort him when he laments how he loves and misses you and how miserable he is without you. He’s trying to get you to feel sorry for him and take him back. And really, do you want to be with a guy you pity? Yuck.