Healthy Eating with Blenders-MainPhoto

Healthy Eating with Blenders-MainPhoto

So many moms come to Mamiverse asking for quick and easy meals for different reasons. The main ones being “I don’t have enough time to cook a meal before the kids rush off to catch the bus,” or “I just can’t whip up a five-star meal after soccer practice, especially with my baby on my hip!” So of course I ask them, “Do you have a blender?” That´s been a life saver both for my kiddos and me throughout motherhood. From making my own baby food to easing my tween into wearing braces by pureeing her food, to making breakfast smoothies to keep my own energy up, my trusty blender has helped me do it all.

When you first have a baby one of your biggest worries is whether your little one is getting the proper nutrition. You wonder whether you’re doing a good job feeding your child. With a good hand-held blender, you can be sure that you are in fact doing just that. This way you can actually see and understand all of the ingredients going into the food. You have full control over your baby’s health.

Of course you can make the typical purees, soups, smoothies and even puddings. But what about the millions of recipes that call for a blended mix? You can make your own sauces, muffin batters, pizza toppings, appetizers, and snacks, even pasta toppings! This way you control your family’s nutrition. And you don’t have to be a master chef, a hand blender is for everyone! Just put your contents in, hit blend, and you’ve turned your dinner into something you’d expect to eat at a five star restaurant while still keeping your family’s health in mind!

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When your kids reach their tweens, chopping and pureeing their food will help them during the braces-wearing stage. My eldest was in pain for the first few days and continues to be so every time her brackets are adjusted. The solution was, again, to use a blender. It takes very little time to add fruits (even veggies) and hand a healthy smoothie off quarter-back style as she rushes out the door.

Bottom line, if you want and easy and effective way to make healthy foods, whether you have a baby or a teenager, a hand-held blender will be your go-to problem solver.

Two of our favorites, which we have tried and liked:

Miallegro MiTutto hand-blender

Braun MR320 Handblender