12. Breastfeeding Help
You made it through 20 hours of labor and your baby is finally here. Now what? Depending on where and how you deliver, you will likely have all sorts of breastfeeding experts offering you advice. Your doula knows you and your specific concerns and she will stay with you after the birth to help with the first breastfeeding attempts.

13. Massage
It might not seem like the optimal time to get a relaxing massage, but during labor a doula will use various massage and acupressure techniques to ease your pain and redirect your focus from the contractions.

14. Liaison
Sometimes it feels like doctors communicate in a different language and on a different wavelength. You have tons of questions and concerns, and even if they try to explain everything to you, it’s invaluable to have someone in your corner who can break it down into real-people terms. Your birth doula will have your back and will deal with the medical professionals so you can try to relax.