9. Instill Confidence
Childbirth is a taxing experience for a mother, but it’s not easy for her partner either. You’re both nervous and no one really knows what to do. And one perk of doing the pushing is that you don’t have to see what goes on down there. Your partner is front and center for the big show, which can be pretty overwhelming. A birth doula will keep your partner calm, explain what is happening and keep everyone focused.

10. Another Partner
Even if you already have a partner by your side, it always helps to have someone more knowledgeable on deck to help cheer you on and facilitate communication. Especially if your main partner-in-crime is at all squeamish. A doula will be focused on you, start to finish, and will remain calm and supportive no matter what happens.

11. Encouragement
It can be hard to know what to say when someone is screaming in pain or terrified or exhausted. A birth doula is a pro, and she will offer constant encouragement throughout the entire labor and delivery process.