Best Bilingual Online Dictionaries for Your Child-MainPhoto

Best Bilingual Online Dictionaries for Your Child-MainPhoto

Bilingual online dictionaries for kids are a great tool when raising a child to speak two languages. But, which to choose from? To make it easier for you to decide, we’ve created a list of five we like, with the reasons why. Check them out and bookmark your favorites!

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Enchanted Learning – This is a simple tool for younger children or those getting started reading and writing in two languages. It provides translations of simple words categorized alphabetically, with pictures. – This bilingual dictionary is more appropriate for children who can read and write. The simple interface allows them to type in a word in one language, and obtain the translation quickly.

LookWayUp – This online bilingual dictionary also provides the meaning of each word in both languages, not only the translation. Also for children adept at reading and writing.

Linguee – The best part of this online dictionary is that when you begin to key in the word you want translated, it will provide several options for auto-fill. It also provides a translation based on the context in which the word is used. Good for tweens and teens. – Simple, easy, no frills online bilingual translator. It also provides common phrases for your language learner. Good for all ages.