The trends this summer are all about comfort and clothes that don’t hold you back from playing with the kids or climbing a mountain (you do that, right?). There are lots of sneakers, casual shorts and even rompers in bright, fun colors to keep things interesting while keeping cool and moving freely. Paris Vogue says, “In an echo of the sportswear trend, mesh and fishnet appeared on loose T-shirts, crop-tops and baggy sweaters on the runway, to super sexy effect. A furtively revealing suggestion of skin is much more sartorially liberating than baring all.”

Now you don’t need to go nuts with mesh here, but you do have some great choices in summer style this season, choices that allow you to feel more comfortable and confident than ever. As celeb stylist Rachel Zoe says, “It’s really about the attitude you exude. To be honest, it’s all about confidence. When you look better, you feel better and smile more.” We say let’s take this opportunity to run with some comfy trends while we embrace our confident, creative side with bold colors and awesome accessories. You with us? Good! Here are 20 summer trends we can’t get enough of.

1. Neon Tees
Don’t be scared! Dive right in. You’ll feel bold, strong and confident. This is summer style for the new era.

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2. Printed Shorts
Gone are the days when you can only wear pattern on top, ladies. Find some cute Bermudas or walking shorts that fit you perfectly and feature a fantastic print. You’ll wear them with everything.