Best Online Reading SItes-MainPhoto

Best Online Reading SItes-MainPhoto

Latinas for Latino Lit give tips on the best online reading sites. 

Time and money. If we had unlimited supplies of both we might spend all of both buying and reading books.

But if time and money are in short supply you can still keep reading by going online to find short stories. You can find some great reads by Latino short story writers if you know where to look.

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Here are three places to start:

1. The New Yorker magazine publishes the best of contemporary fiction but only older archives are available to the general public on its website. Here are 3 wonderful short stories by noted author Cristina Henriquez: Lunch, Carnaval Las Tablas, and Ashes that previously appeared in the print version of the magazine. They all reflect her Panamanian roots.

2. The website for all things Mexico has a collection of fiction short stories tucked away and discoverable by using the site’s tags. The stories run a gamut of styles and subjects but have one thing in common—they are all related to Mexico and all well written. The format of the website is nice and clean, making the stories easy to select from the main page and easy to read when fully displayed. The Sanchez Ghost was particularly good.

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