Twists & Turns • If you and your partner are both relatively quiet sleepers—meaning you don’t do a lot of moving around in your sleep—then a traditional coil or innerspring mattress is probably a good choice. Coil mattresses are typically less expensive than the newer memory foam and latex foam models and can offer similar comfort and durability. Coil mattresses are typically cooler on the skin too. The downside is that they can wear unevenly, and are prone to sagging.

If one or both of you tosses and turns in your sleep, you should probably opt for a memory foam or latex foam mattress. These models transfer less movement from one partner to the other, but they are also more expensive than traditional coil models. While memory foam is the better-known variety, latex foam is the new “up and comer” in the mattress market. It is made of renewable, biodegradable materials, and some users report that it retains less body heat than memory foam models.