With the holidays around the corner, we have compiled six easy beauty looks for moms that will get you ready for the festivities. New moms rejoice—these simple ideas won’t take more than 10 minutes, and will even cover up the marks of sleepless nights or post-pregnancy skin issues. ‘Tis the season to enhance your inner diva!

Multitasking cosmetics are any mom’s best friend—they’re cheaper, easy to carry in your bag and even easier to apply, with your fingers!

Here’s where a monochromatic look comes into play. A creamy lip stain can provide healthy, rosy cheeks, and at the same time, give sheen to your eyelids. Choose long-lasting products with pleasant textures. Stick to foolproof colors that look good on any skintone (berry, plum, peach, rose and even those with a brown base).

Recommendations: Tom Ford Beauty Lip and Cheek Stain in Tainted Love ($48); Josie Maran Argan Color Stick ($22); MAC Cosmetics Cream Colour Base ($18.50); Pixi Beauty Illuminating Tint and Conceal ($30).

Best Holiday Beauty Looks for Moms-Smoky Eyes


Getting your kids ready for a cozy Christmas Eve, helping your better-half wrap presents and making a fabulous dinner for your family takes a lot of time. We understand—there’s no need for complicated eye makeup. Instead, pick one or two dark eyeshadows (one shimmery and one matte), three maximum, and blend thoroughly on your eyelids and lower lashes for an easy smoky look.

Play it safe by choosing colors such as brown, copper, bronze, gold, silver or gray, and apply them carefully. You don’t want to have to start over or even worse, end up with raccoon eyes! Finish off with black mascara for flirtatious lashes.

Recommendations: Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow Trios in Espresso Gold ($25); Dior 3-Couleurs Smoky Nude ($48); e.l.f. Studio 3-in-1 Mascara ($3).

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Best Holiday Beauty Looks for Moms-Eyeliner


For a glam look, eyeliners are your best option. From cat eyes to subtle lining, you can get it done in minutes. Choose crayons, markers and gel eyeliners, as they are the easiest to work with. Another key word? Waterproof, especially if you’re coloring your inner rims. Remember, we’re talking clean lines…no smudges here!

Recommendations: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Pencil ($18); Lancome Liner Design Gel Eyeliner ($24.50); Nars Eyeliner Stylo ($27).

Best Holiday Beauty Looks for Moms-Skip the Makeup


Well, almost. Natural complexions are timeless and chic but keep in mind they’re sometimes difficult to achieve—if you don’t choose the right tools or textures, you could look plain blah. Again, multipurpose cosmetics (BB Creams, tinted moisturizers, creamy concealers and stains) are a staple for this look, allowing you to get great results in less time.

An important part of “skipping foundation” is your dermis—the more hydrated, the better you’ll look. You can also fake it with primers and lotions that help smooth the skin’s surface. Last but not least, wear a demure eyeshadow. Neutral colors and black mascara, paired with well-groomed eyebrows and dewy skin, can work wonders…and everyone will admire your glow.

Recommendations: Votre Vu Love Me Deux ($43) and Vu-On Rouge ($29); Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quad Effeto Nudo ($59); Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ($7.50); Milani Brow Fix Kit ($6.50).

Best Holiday Beauty Looks for Moms-Bold Lipstick

Dark or bright lipsticks are a bold move, but so worth it. They add a little sophistication to your face and are the final touch to any makeover—however you have to do it right, which means you need a lip pencil and lip brush. Exfoliate your pout first.

Short on time? Slather on a lipstain or tinted balm and you’re good to go. Although it won’t look as intense as a regular matte or semi-matte lipstick, it will make you feel like an Old-Hollywood era star.

Recommendation: Armani Beauty Lip Maestro The Red ($32)

Best Holiday Beauty Looks for Moms-Hair

Nars/Redken/ Lauren

The days when you spent hours having professionals fuss about your hair are gone. Motherhood requires keeping things simple and this, my friend, includes your locks.

Whether you plan to party or prefer to stay at home and watch holiday movies, always do your hair. This cardinal rule will boost your self-esteem, despite chronic sleep deprivation, courtesy of your bundle of joy. Alternatives are endless: soft waves, half updos, classic ponytails…the key is to keep it as simple and neat as possible, and accessorize if you are up to it.

Want to try a different look? Clip-in extensions are in vogue! Edgy bangs, sleek, long ponytails and even colored highlights can happen as fast as you can clip on an extension.

Recommendations: Keratin Complex KeraStyler 1 1/2″ Flat Iron ($109); LUXHAIR (clip-in extensions and wigs, assorted colors and prices); Goody Simple Style Bun Spiral ($6.29).