And while card readings might help you see into your future, they are not a magical way to know exactly what will happen in your life. Sorry, no crystal balls here. More often, Tarot cards are meant to help you gather information from within yourself, information that is already there, but perhaps needs a little help or guidance to be discovered. A good tarot card reader isn’t a fortune teller, necessarily, but rather an expert who can help you see different truths in your life that might not be apparent to you, but are very clear to someone with a fresh perspective and intuition. Horton explains, “any interaction with a second person tells you a lot about yourself, so it’s all good. When you have a reading with a psychic Tarot card reader, hopefully that person will have genuine insights into your life that are helpful. Just hearing about yourself in someone else’s words can be very enlightening.” And that’s what Tarot card readings are truly all about—gaining insight into your life, your needs, your struggles, your goals and your path.

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