UPDATED June 17th, 2017

Many of us fear the idea of natural beauty because, frankly, we are not Gisele. Many of us also know that men are relatively simple creatures. They want to be fed, satisfied in bed, have a fulfilling job and a partner on their arm who they love and like to look at, right? Easy peasy. And, come to think of it, that’s all pretty much anyone wants! That said, men have varying preferences when it comes to the look their lady friends have and we’re learning that more and more men like a woman with more natural beauty and less need for makeup.

Are-Skin-Facials-Outdated-Do-They-Even-Work-MainPhotoNow, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with wearing makeup, and the men aren’t either! In fact, most of the men we talked to said that a little, natural looking makeup makes a woman appear as though she cares about herself and her appearance. Too much though comes off as high maintenance and even a little fake. Want to know more?

We certainly did, so we gathered the top ten reasons why men prefer your natural beauty. Think of them as beauty tips that require nothing but YOU:

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