When I’m home by myself to put the girls to bed, I cannot begin to express just how challenging it is. Seriously, it seems impossible.

The main issue right now is that Annabelle, my newborn, is simply refusing to stay put anywhere peacefully (unless she’s asleep) anytime after 11am. Before then, she can tolerate a few minutes on her play mat or in the swing but in the afternoon, she demands to be held or rocked or nursed or worn in a carrier. That’s pretty much fine (Emma, my toddler, went through that phase too but only worse) except when it comes to bedtime!

I suppose it’s my own fault for making both girls have the same bedtime but, honestly, I didn’t create their bedtimes, they did! I follow their cues and know that they go down easiest, sleep best, and wake up later in the morning when they go to bed between 6 and 7pm. It just so happens that they’re usually both anxious to go to sleep at the exact same time each night. Oy!

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Most of the time, my husband Ryan is around to put Emma to bed while I put Anna down. This works out great when they both go to bed easily. Sometimes Emma requires multiple “goodnights” from Mommy even if Daddy is the one putting her to bed. Annabelle will sometimes need to be jostled for a while or lay on her tummy on Daddy’s chest before finally snoozing peacefully.

When I’m by myself, however, bedtime is an almost impossible task. Since Anna will not lie down quietly on her own, I get her ready and nurse her to sleep first. During this time, Emma is usually watching television, eating what’s left of her dinner, or playing quietly… until she’s not…

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