Beauty Review: It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes-MainPhoto

Mamiverse Beauty Team says: Having tested quite a few makeup brushes of different brands, It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes rank high on our list of go-to beauty tools. One of our favorites is the No-Tug Heavenly Lux Dual Eyeshadow Brush, which lives up to its name. It’s precise, delivering the exact amount of color you desire, without tugging away at your eyelids when trying to achieve a smoky eye look.

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The Heavenly Lux Powder Brush delivers a flawless airbrushed finish when applying loose powder. If you can only afford one brush, this one is also great for bronzer and even blush application.

All brushes are cruelty-free synthetic and have a high hair count. Plus, they look sleek and elegant. They’re long-lasting and with a variety of sizes to choose from, are great to keep on your bathroom counter, make-up bag or your handbag. We love them all!

Price: $15-$58 depending on the model.

Mamiverse Beauty Rating: 5/5

Disclaimer: A sample was received from the manufacturer. Opinions are our own. Neither Mamiverse nor its reviewers received compensation for this review.