It seems social media creates dozens of new bad trends a month that blow up really fast, catch our fascination and fizzle out eventually making us say ‘what was that?’ not long after. Remember that evil “Belly Button Challenge” that only adolescent girls could pull off? Or the narcissistic “Thighbrow” pose? “Since the growth of social media we’ve seen some pretty disturbing “beauty” trends like the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge and the Thigh Gap,” said Leyah Shanks from Beat, a leading eating disorder charity, in an interview with the Huffington Post. “Both encourage unhealthy comparison and competition among women.”

So remember, don’t take these trends seriously, especially the body-image ones, they’re here today forgotten tomorrow and you are perfect the way you are right now. Here are 10 bad trends 2015 could have survived without, but that made it all the more entertaining, if uncomfortable to watch.

1. Mismatched Socks
According to The Wall Street Journal, “fashionable tweens and teens favor a jamboree of solids, colors and patterns on their feet.” Running out the door with an argyle sock and polka dotted one was cute and original for a day or two, then it got down right weird.

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2. Septum Piercing
While the beautiful people of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh have been wearing septum-rings for ages, the fad in the U.S. didn’t quite pierce popular culture.  Sure, Madonna looked so darn cool in hers, though hers didn’t hang around her nose that long either.

3. Pixelated Hair
This year, highlights got a futuristic reboot by those who longed for pixel-style graphics colored into their hair instead. When your love for this trend freezes, don’t call the IT department for help.


4. Coffee with Butter in It
They weren’t talking about your grandma’s butter in your morning java, but the grass-fed cow kind. Thanks to the trademarked Bulletproof coffee trend, every health nut was hoping that this meant increased energy and better cognitive function. But everyone’s concern with cholesterol caused this trend to caffeine crash.

5. Sober Morning Parties
Parties like San Fran’s Daybreaker were created to give people who genuinely enjoy dancing, working out and working day jobs, since it’s an outlet to do so without alcohol, drugs, or the cover fees of night life. Night birds and drinkers, however, remain skeptical it will last.


6. Thighbrows
Thanks to the Kardashians and other navel gazers who helped publicize the term turned hashtag that sounds like it’s screaming to be waxed, is the set of skin folds that frame the top of the thighs, separating the leg from the butt.  Why this? We don’t’ know.

7. Snail Facials
This is just what it sounds like: letting lose some snails on your face so they can secrete their mucus (slime) with powerful proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, leaving a perfect complexion behind. Please. get. them. off. my. face. NOW.


8. Grey Hair
While your grey hairs are your living nightmares, a host of celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Moss and Kylie Jenner dyed their hair around 50 shades of various grey this year as a dreamy beauty statement. Wake up.

9. Bright Colored Beards
A number of very bored men attempted to bring attention to their facial hair this year by dyeing their beards insanely bright colors. If your man comes home one day with a bright colored beard, be sure to relax your eyes by watching a black and white movie.


10. Under Red Nail Polish
Those Christian Louboutin heels with the hot red bottom soles spawned Christian Louboutin’s ‘Under Red’ nail polish applicator with allows women to take the red-soled shoe trend to the salon by painting the undersides of their nails red, just like the shoes. Overkill? Yes.

11. Brightly Colored Brows
We’ve seen brightly colored beards, hair, but eyebrows? Yep. Best part of this cartoon-inspired trend is that most of the time those green brows don’t match their pink hair either. Call the fashion police, though this is beyond them.