There are some home improvement projects that can be considered pretty safe. Putting up a few decals in your kids’ room isn’t going to result in much more than a paper cut, and wrangling an IKEA table may give you a serious case of frustration, but nothing that will warrant a trip to the E.R. When taking on bigger projects, think about the potential risks very, very carefully. What do you really know about gas furnaces, or electric wiring, or using a power saw?


There are some things that are meant to be done alone: your Me Time might consist of curling up with a juicy novel, taking a lingering bubble bath, or enjoying a walk after dinner to collect your thoughts. But big home improvement projects are not necessarily meant to be tackled solo. Sure, you love the empowering feeling of strapping on a tool belt and hitting the basement to lay down some linoleum. That’s fine—but consider having friends over for a painting party (you’ll supply the party food!), or having time as a couple with your partner as the two of you paint the nursery.

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