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What to Eat to Overcome Sickness

UPDATED March 26th, 2018 For five years now I’ve been trying to learn what’s behind my son’s sickness: frequent knee pain. Since the age of two he’s had pain in his joints about three times a week, usually in the evening. Sometimes the pain is so severe he needs to lie down; sometimes his ankles […]

Raising Bilingual Children: All You Can Do Is Plant Seeds

[Mamiverse’s Bilingual Plus is an online channel devoted to bringing parents and educators the bilingual learning tools they need in the form of digital picture books, sing-alongs, and free curriculum-based family activities.] One summer afternoon, as we were getting ready to leave the local public pool, my 5-year old son dropped his towel on the […]


Why Latinos Should Try Acupuncture!

For some reason, most of us will never try acupuncture. Maybe it’s cultural prejudice: How do you know the needles are clean? It probably hurts! It’s a placebo: it doesn’t REALLY work! It’s a sham—it’s not scientific! No matter how effective, safe and affordable it may be, most of us scoff at the suggestion of […]