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10 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

For many of us, holiday stress centers around one thing—money or, more precisely, a lack of it! It’s difficult enough to get basic bills paid in this economy, but finding room in the budget for a dozen or more gifts may be impossible. Before you pull out the credit card—a move you’ll most certainly regret […]


5 Gifts That Teach Giving

It’s that time of year—chilly weather, toasty hands in mittens wrapped around warm mugs of hot chocolate, holiday music on the radio, and your rosy-cheeked child pointing at every toy that catches her eye, saying, Oh, oh! I want that! That’s what I want, Mommy! Regardless of which holiday you celebrate this season, chances are, […]


Should You Clean Your Teenager’s Messy Bedroom?

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 You open the door and there it is—your teenager’s bedroom. No matter how responsible, well-behaved and great your teen might be, you’ve probably happened upon this scene before: piles of laundry cover the carpet, the bed is unmade, dirty dishes are stacked on the bedside table, the desk surface is not […]

When Your Bilingual Kid Hates Spanish Class

It’s the worst nightmare of a parent trying to raise a bilingual child. “I hate Spanish class and I have all my foreign language credits now—I don’t want to take it next year. Are you going to make me?”  Those were the words of  my 14 year old son, a well-behaved, straight-A student who is […]


7 Outdoor Activities for a Rainy Day!

The rainy days of spring will soon be upon us, and that means afternoons spent with the kids cooped up indoors, right? Wrong! Perhaps you have a list of indoor rainy day activities but let’s expand our idea of what a rainy day means when it comes to our plans for the day. Put the […]


How to Reuse Damaged Books

Why reuse damaged books? When a book is damaged, it can break a book lover’s heart. Broken spines, torn pages, rippling (a tell-tale sign of water damage), the scribbles of an unattended child or corners so dog-eared that they’ve fallen off—all these things may mean a book has not been well cared for. Whether it’s […]