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5 Special Ways To Show Him You’re Grateful

Gratitude comes gratis and should be expressed often, especially to our significant others. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to share the love with your love. How can you express gratitude to your husband for taking out the trash? How do you say, Thank you! to your novio because he remembers to put the toilet seat […]


Fear Of Saying ‘I Love You’

The first time I told a man that I loved him I did it with pen and paper. I was an 18 year-old freshman at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and I was shamelessly ‘in love’ with the biggest slut on campus. So I did what any 18-year-old virgin would do. I wrote him […]


When Moms Judge the Men We Date

On every birthday, Mami kisses me on the cheek, hugs me tight, and lists the wishes she prays will come true. “I wish you good health, success, lots of money, and a husband that loves you and treats you with respect.  And that will do anything for me, your mother.” Right.  God forbid my future […]