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3 Simple Steps to Start A Book Club

Do you love reading? Do you wish you could be part of a book club where you could get together with other book lovers and talk character and plot lines? Don’t wait for an invitation. Start your own book club. It’s easier than you think! That’s exactly what two friends and I did more than […]


5 Questions NOT to Ask an Adoptive Family

One challenge adoptive families face is navigating the questions that well-meaning people ask. Here, we share five questions you should never ask of someone who is adopted or of a family who has grown through adoption. 1. IS HE YOURS? While you might never know some families grew through adoption, other adoptive families are more […]


10 Inner Beauty Steps to Stop Feeling Invisible

  Actualizado (UPDATED) el 1st de agosto de 2016 It’s a common complaint among older women: People don’t look AT me anymore; they look THROUGH me. When an older friend recently revealed that she struggled with feeling invisible, I knew she wasn’t alone. But feeling invisible isn’t always just caused by other people’s perceptions of us. […]


5 Steps to Take if You Are Thinking About Adopting

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew we would adopt. But with so many possibilities and so much information out there, we were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Ultimately, we decided to start with the people who knew best: the adoptive families in our lives. As we get […]


5 Ways to Raise More Media Literate Kids

The average young person in America spends most of his or her free time—more than 10 hours a day—engaged with media. And if that were not daunting enough, the number goes up to 13 hours of media a day for Latino kids. Yet, research shows it takes just 30 minutes of television programming (and the […]


How to Help Your Kids Love Reading!

Helping your kids love reading is of paramount importance. Children who read a lot often experience greater academic success, can better articulate what they feel, have greater compassion, develop a broader sense of the world, and exhibit heightened creativity. Their desire to finish books develops their intrinsic motivation and fuels their curiosity. While reading is […]