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Madrid Travel Guide For Families With Kids

Madrid, Spain is a city with a variety of fun activities and parks for children and families. It has efficient, affordable public transportation (bus, metro and train) that can take visitors and residents pretty much anywhere they need to go. All in all, Madrid is a great vacation destination for families, with some enchanting “secret” […]


Personal Branding 101: Be the CEO of You!

The current job market is uncertain while companies are more and more demanding when it comes to new hires. If you can’t  prove that you add extra value to your position, your job may be in jeopardy. Any other person could do what you do for less money. For example, saying: I am a translator, […]


I’ve Lost My Job, Now What? Surviving Unemployment

After the emotional thunderbolt of being told We don’t need you anymore, by the company you’ve devoted months or years of your life to, it is normal to feel upset, confused and angry. But there’s no time to waste on thoughts of revenge or remorse. Thinking strategically from the moment you hear the news of […]