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Spicy Mussels with Andouille Sausage

There is something so indulgent about foods that require you to eat with your hands. Touching your food creates a connection to it that appeals on some basic primitive level. Sitting down to a big pot of mussels definitely gives this primal pleasure—all the more because searching each little shell is a little like a […]


Two for One! Pork Leftover Recipes

One easy elegant main dish with flavor packed leftovers. I started out to create one recipe and got two pork leftover recipes instead! It’s always extra satisfying when a night’s work does double duty. The initial idea was inspired by the tomatillos themselves. They have a beautiful, bright acidity that’s very refreshing and perfect for summer. I […]


Venezuelan-Style Chicken Salad: An Easy & Light Choice

Ensalada de Gallina is a very traditional Venezuelan dish served on a wide variety of occasions. My mom and grandma always prepare it as part of the holiday spread, presented all dressed up in a beautiful bowl. However, you’re just as likely to find it sold by street vendors and at casual areperas layered with […]