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Paul Ryan Lies That There are 23 Million Unemployed

At the Value Voters Summit in Washington, Paul Ryan falsely claimed that there are 23 million unemployed people in America. “And here is what we got: prolonged joblessness across the country,” Mr. Ryan said. “23 million Americans struggling to find work.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12.5 million people are unemployed. Even if […]


FOX News Claims Media Bias After Libya Attacks

FOX News this morning accused the mainstream networks of media bias, claiming they asked Mitt Romney questions that led him to give  less than substantial answers that are now causing an uproar and that have many questioning the readiness of the Republican nominee. FOX and Friends played an audio recording that supposedly exposed CBS reporter […]


“We don’t have new jobs in America,” Mitt Romney Claims

Mitt Romney gave a surprisingly inaccurate response on Friday to President Barack Obama’s speech at Thursday’s Democratic National Convention. Stating that he was just as disappointed with the speech as he was with Barack Obama’s presidential term, Mr. Romney argued that President Obama’s speech was full of failed promises, and baselessly accused the President of […]